Tigertown is a band that will soon begin to show up on your musical radar, if they haven't already. If you're all about pop music, then checking out this Australian quartet will probably be the highlight of your day. Made up of husband-wife duo Chris and Charlie Collins (guitarist and lead vocals/synth, respectively), along with Chris' brother Alexi on keys and sister Elodie on bass, the Sydney-based Tigertown family recently released their Lonely Cities EP and are currently touring the United States with electro-pop band St. Lucia. The whole EP makes you want to dance forever, the same way that listening to tracks like "Daylight" by Matt and Kim or "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" by Black Kids would make you feel. Below, listen to Tigertown's new EP and read what they had to say about future acts they want to tour with, why Australian music is so great, the origin of their EP's name, and much more.

What The Sound: Congrats on the release of Lonely Cities EP. Did you have a focus for the EP that you hadn't made use of in prior work?

Chris: Yeah, it was a bit blurry at the start. We definitely were moving into trying the sound that would be danceable. I think that's probably what we all were thinking about over the two years. It's been two years since we released anything which is pretty crazy, but over the two years we kind of worked out how to do it. By the time we met our producer who we produced this EP with, it sort of all locked in. Whatever the sound is, it kind of happened there.

WTS: That music that you've released in the past is nowhere to be found on any streaming services. Were they not released in the States?

Chris: We released them in Australia, I think some were available in other places but not officially. As we were gearing up for our first release in the US, they sort of just cleaned out everything else. Technically this EP is our first US release. We have released three EPs in Australia, so we do have a chunk of people who might know still.

WTS: Going off the name "Lonely Cities", it's kind of funny because your EP is so upbeat and happening, then it's titled "lonely" "cities".

Elodie: There's nothing sadder than being sad and dancing at the same time.

Charlie: We always say we want to make a song where chicks are on the dance floor crying, but also fist-pumping and dancing so hard.

WTS: What about Tigertown, why are you called Tigertown?

We always say we want to make a song where chicks are on the dance floor crying, but also fist-pumping and dancing so hard.

Charlie: Do you want the real story or do you want the interesting story? Because we have both.

Chris: To be honest, it had to be something that feels good to say. That was the first thing on the list.

Charlie: We wanted to have a name that kind of felt like was a place.

Chris: Because we're all family it gives the tribe feel when you come to Tigertown.

Elodie: Yeah, get down in Tigertown.

Chris: And Charlie's Indian, where there's tigers.

WTS: So, you're all living in Australia, and are you still based there or in New York?

Chris: We're still based in Sydney, but we come here to do the stuff.

WTS: I saw some Billboard article from 2013 about an NYU class picking you up and giving your band exposure. How did that come to be?

Chris: Yeah, that was really cool! We were coming here for CMJ. It was our first time in the States so there wasn't much going on. For some reason they chose us, it was a college project, so we were a part of their project and got to record a song with them and get some exposure. It was cool.

WTS: That's tight. How did you get on this tour with St. Lucia? And last night was the first show on the road?

Charlie: Yes, last night was the first show of the tour in Columbus.

Chris: On getting on this tour, we actually wrote a song with Jean last year, and we just became good friends. So we've stayed in contact and it was through hanging out with them last year and we've got an American booking agent now which makes that sort of stuff happen, but, it was really nice because we became friends with Jean and Patty. When we were hanging out in L.A. they asked us if we would do the tour with them.

Elodie: It was like a marriage proposal, we were having breakfast and they popped the question.

Chris: It was so cute. We were very excited because they are definitely one of our favorite bands.

WTS: What bands from Australia do you really like who you don't think many people in the States know about?

Alexi: That's a good question.

Charlie: Gang of Youths.

Elodie: We love The Delta Riggs.

Charlie: They get over here a bit. We've actually probably seen them play here more than we've seen at home.

Chris: There's a little band called Tame Impala.

WTS: Who?

Alexi: There's a little band called Ball Park Music. I don't think they get over here.  

Charlie: Yeah, they're insane.

Alexi: They're kind of Australian legends of the past five years, though I don't think they've done much in America.

WTS: I've interviewed GRRL PAL from Perth.

Charlie / Elodie: I've heard of them, yeah.

WTS: Dustin Tebbutt as well.

Chris / Charlie / Elodie / Alexi: Yes, mmm, ya, cool!

WTS: The bassist from Royal Headache.

Alexi: Oh yeah so good, they rock.

WTS: I'm a big fan of Triple j, Triple j Unearthed. That's where I find most of my music, so from there I've learned about other Australian musicians like Violet Swells from Hobart. They just went to mainland Australia to play a few shows which I understand is a big deal coming from Hobart.

Chris: Yes, it is. We love Hobart as a town but there's not much music.

WTS: Courtney Barnett, obviously know her. She has kind of blown up.

Chris: A funny story, our first ever trip to Melbourne, she opened up for it.

Charlie: Four years ago, just her with her acoustic guitar, kind of folky a little bit. Kind of the same.

WTS: I recommend checking out Coda Conduct too. Female hip-hop duo.

Charlie: Sounds really sweet.

Alexi: I was just saying today how much I love Australian girl hip-hop. That's one of my favorite forms of hip-hop.

WTS: Is there any act who you hope to tour with in the future?

Charlie: BØRNS.

WTS: Nice! He's from Michigan. I just saw he's opening for Mumford & Sons in New York.

Charlie: Yeah, we're definitely frothing on BØRNS at the moment.

WTS: This is your first U.S. release and your first big U.S. tour, it's kind of soon to be asking this question but do you know what's next for Tigertown?

Chris: Right, since it just came out we're sitting and watching how people respond and how people like it. Even doing these songs on this tour is great to see how it works. If people keep liking it, we'd love to keep touring here. We definitely have a bunch more songs that we've been working on to release in some form this year. Yeah, we'd love to do more of both things.

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