Both parties were slightly delusional from the time difference. What The Sound hadn't gotten much sleep, Jay was in a rush to go to dinner and acting hyper, and Danny was incredibly enthusiastic. Nevertheless, our dialogue was on fleek. Our disparate states resulted in a hilarious conversation about the group's release schedule, the Australian music scene, and their future tour goals. Danny K and Jay LeKat's excited and happy moods are reflective of GRRL PAL's electronic synth-pop, simple dance jams, and glitch-pitched tunes. Listen to "Caught by the Light", their newest single (below) for a taste of their eclectic sound. Keep your ears open for new tracks in 2016; GRRL PAL plans to hunker down and work on new, bigger and better tracks. Below, enjoy our chat with Danny & Jay of Perth.

What The Sound: How did you two meet? 

Jay: School

Danny: We went to high school together.

J: I was in the year above Dan and we both went to this new kids orientation day because we were both new and Dan was like "Jay is so annoying I don't want to be her friend" and I don't remember Dan, so...

D: Jay was really loud, really loud.

J: Then after school finished, we we were in a band.

D: We started making music. Then, yeah, we started making GRRL PAL music, and now we here.

WTS: Nice, you made it. When was the first song released of these series (Been releasing a song every month for...)

J: November 2014, we released our first track..

D: "Paradise"

J: Of the 13 songs that needed to get released.

D: "Suggest" is the last major that we're going to really push. We have one that we're bringing out next year. It's a bit busy at the moment, all the big artists are putting out music. I think we put this song out at kind of the same time that the Drake video [Hotline Bling] came out, it was a lot of competition. So, we're going to wait until everyone chills out and after Christmas. There's festival season in Australia and it's kind of a big thing so it's not a good time to release.

J: So, yeah we thought we would end it at the end of summer for us. With this brand new track going into the New Year and then have a break from releasing and start writing again.

WTS: Would you like to tour these songs?

J: We would love to. It's just finding the money.

D: We live in Perth. Imagine, it's easier to get to Singapore than to get to the other side of Australia.

J: Yeah, it's easier to get to another country than to the other side of Australia.

D: Even going to Singapore is a long flight. It's really expensive to go and play shows. We've done a few trips and it's cost us a lot of money so...

J: Yeah, because it's so expensive to play shows, we don't really have that sitting there for producing merchandise.

D: It's like costing us money to play.

J: That's why we haven't released are tracks on vinyl yet.

D: We definitely will, eventually.

WTS: What prompted you to do the track per month release? I know Oh Wonder did the same thing. I don't know who did it first.

D: They definitely did it first. We actually didn't know they were doing it until we told people we were doing it and they were like "oh just like Oh Wonder?!" and were were like oh...

J: Yeah, like oh yeah, we guess...

Jay & Danny

D: We just have a lot of songs and we kind of plan to release them with a label. The label thing didn't really work out, so we kind of had this back catalog of stuff. We didn't really know what to release. When we initially released music, we had people interested in working with us and managing us and stuff, then we sort of left for so long that we lost those contacts. We went off the grid for so long. So we just wanted to do something that no one else was doing. Turns out Oh Wonder was doing it which we didn't really know. But, we wanted to see how it goes.

J: Get all these songs out there to prompt us to write some more songs. Also, we kind of accidentally said it to a blog in an interview that we would be releasing a track every month. Then we kind of had to stick to it. It's a little bit like a verbal diarrhea incident. We were just like "ooooops!!!"

D: I guess this year we've been really trying to figure out who exactly we are. We want to say what our style is. You know, that's been the biggest thing.

WTS: What would you say your style is?

D: Our next bit of music will be a lot more succinct and all together.

J: A bit of a theme about the whole...

D: Yeah, more themed rather than just a bunch of songs that are kind of...

J: Disjointed

D: Yeah...

J: The only thing that these have in common is that we wrote them. They don't really flow into each other, which is cool. Because we're discovering.

D: We're going to apply a bit more of an album type of thing. That's the next step.

WTS: So you said that your live shows have been expensive and far. Have they been memorable and fun?

J: Yeah, definitely. We recently played in Brisbane for this music conference called Big Sound, which is kind of like an Australian smaller version of SXSW. It was awesome! It was so much fun.

D: It was very good. It was also very stressful. The whole PA system amp blew before we got on stage.


D: It was really funny though because the amp that blew we didn't actually need it for what we needed to do... So, we just wanted to get up there and play.

J: Anyways, so we did a set and it was really fun. Yeah, most of the shows that we've done have been really great.

WTS: Costs aside, do you have hopes to tour Europe or the States?

J: Of course.

D: That's the goal.

J: To go everywhere with the music.

WTS: What's the Perth music scene like? Are there a lot of concert-goers? Are there venues there that book artists frequently or do you really have to push to get a show?

J: There are only a few really good venues.

D: It's really strange. Perth is so isolated. It costs so much to get over here. It would take you four days to drive from Melbourne to Perth, so you wouldn't drive, you would fly. We have a stadium and big acts play. 60% of the acts on the Eastern side will come over, but 40% won't even think about it. Because it's not viable, cost-wise. A really good one just closed down, but a really good one just opened up. Have you ever heard of the blog Pilerats?

WTS: Yeah, of course.

D: They're from Perth and they have a really cool venue that just opened up.

WTS: I like Pilerats, I like their write-up on you guys.

J: That's so cool that you know about them!

WTS: Yeah, I really like their blog and TripleJ. I've interviewed other Australians like Dustin Tebbutt, Coda Conduct... two girls who make hip-hop from Canberra, and Violet Swells from Hobart. They're Tame Impala-y.

D: Yeah Tame Impala are from Perth.

WTS: Are there any collaboration dreams of who you want to work with in the future?

J: It'd be good to get Childish Gambino to do a rap on a GRRL PAL song.

D: That would be cool.

WTS: That would be really cool.

D: We met him.

J: Very patient with us, because we were like "Oh my god... HIII!!!"

D: Yeah... Jay was.

J: I was like "Can I have a hug?"

D: Yeah he just seemed really tired. I feel like he's been doing a lot of touring. There's a TV show he's making coming out. He's been in that movie. He's probably still making music. I don't know how you can juggle all of those things...

J: And do a collaboration with GRRL PAL... It'd be hard.

WTS: Have you guys ever covered a song? What do you think about covering?

D: We played Hotline Bling at our Halloween show.

J: We're also covering in our live show "Wildfire" by SBTRKT.

D: We play a lot of opening slots for

J: Bigger, well-established Australian bands.

D: So you kind of need that social lubricant song to get people dancing.

J: Yeah, that familiar...

D: Familiar song that people can grab on to.

J: So yes, then they're all like "sweet!" Then we draw them in.

WTS: Who have you guys been bumping recently?

D/J: Gang of Youths.

D: Have you heard of Gang of Youths?

WTS: I have. Actually, Dustin Tebbutt told me about them.

D: Yeah, their sound guy is also Dustin Tebbutt's sound guy.

J: We love them a lot. We've supported a lot of shows for them.

D: Slumberjack at the moment. Some friends of us from Perth.

J: Awesome producers.

D: There's Koi Child. Have you heard of Koi Child?

WTS: Yes, I have.

D: That's Tame Impala's...

J: Produced the album.

D: We use Spotify a lot. Have you heard of Client Liaison?

J: Client Liaison is so good.

WTS: I've been listening to this band called Tiny Little Houses a lot, have you heard of them?

J: That sounds really cute.

D: Sounds familiar. Are they from Australia?

WTS: They're from Melbourne, they're cool. I've also been bumping SAFIA. What do you think about them? I feel like you could tour maybe.

J: That would be really cool.

D: That would be cool. Maybe Tweet them or something.

WTS: I really want to go to Australia, my cousins live outside of Byron Bay.

J: I love Byron Bay! Favorite place I've never been. Have you heard about that guy who created that beehive that you could harvest honey from without opening?

WTS: No, that's really cool. I'll look it up.

J: There's a crowdfund for it, it got like $20 million American dollars. I'm not kidding! Google it.

WTS: So, what are your plans for 2016? 

D: We are just doing a lot of writing in 2016, building something bigger and better so when we put songs out it goes out well and we do the right shows and that!

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