Based in Paris, What The Sound presents to you Ana Zimmer! We're thrilled to share Zimmer's music with everyone. Her indie electro-pop melodies and supernatural voice resonate with many as it's influenced by artists such as Santigold and La Roux. Great beats and accompanying instrumentals create the sweetest icing to top off all of her tracks. Below, check out our first international interview with Ana Zimmer and Zimmer's first American interview as she tells WTS about future collaboration dreams, strange stories, and where it all started!

What The Sound: When did you begin creating music?

Ana Zimmer: I can say that I started writing and considering music as a career when I was 19. I signed a contract with Universal Publishing a year later. It took a few years for me to find my artistic personality; I had so many ideas and desires that I would constantly lose myself in the process. To a certain extent, I can say that my project really started two years ago. The past twelve months have been really amazing. I collaborated with so many talented artists (Jabberwocky, Aufgang, Chance Waters…) and participated on really beautiful projects! 

WTS: What's your songwriting process? How do you go about it? 

AZ: I sit on the piano and play a couple of chords while improvising some vocal melodies… I record everything on my phone and when I feel that I have some sort of structure or enough material, I make my way to my home studio. Then I start producing and take the song to the next level. When I feel the general mood of the song is there, I write the lyrics and do the vocals. It may seem a bit long when I explain the process but it actually happens very quickly like some sort of wave or trance which I get lost in for a couple of hours.

WTS: Why do you sing in English?

AZ: My father was American and we would all speak English at home. Also, all the songs that accompanied me through my early years were in English so I guess it followed me. I also write in French, but for other artists.

WTS: What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you recently? 

AZ: I was in my elevator and suddenly I heard a voice coming out of the emergency speaker. A guy was asking if he had reached a real estate agency. I tried to explain to him that he had reached my elevator and not the agency he was looking for… It was so absurd, he thought it was a joke and that I was fooling around and I kept telling him ‘you’re in my elevator sir, we are having this conversation in an elevator’...

WTS: You've been featured on some pretty cool tracks in the past, such as "FOG" with Jabberwocky. Who's an artist that you hope to collaborate with in the future? 

AZ: Kid Cudi! Fingers crossed!

WTS: Any hopes of touring in the United States in the future? If so, where? Any reason why that city? 

AZ: I’d love to play in New York because my brother lives there and has never seen me on stage. And even though I was raised in Paris, part of me is still American and it would mean a lot to me.

WTS: How has growing up in Paris affected your music? 

AZ: It gave me the wit I needed and the right amount of sarcasm to spice up my songs…

WTS: When some hear your newest track, "Young and Brave", and even your older tracks, they may think of Lana Del Rey. Is this an often comment? What are your thoughts about this? 

AZ: I can understand the need to categorize my style and I can see why “Young and Brave” would have that kind of echo in people’s minds. I loved LDR’s first album and to a certain point I can say that she inspired me in my work. However, I am really excited for everybody to hear my next song and the rest of my work because I can assure you it has nothing to do with LDR and everything to do with Ana Zimmer! (laughs).

WTS: When recording, are you just on vocals? Or do you contribute instrumentals as well?

AZ: I kind of do everything by myself and then when I think I have a good song, Pierre Guimard (my producer) and I rework the sounds together. We have a different way of working but I learned a lot from him and I guess I can say we are very complimentary.

WTS: Who are your biggest influences? Musicians? Genres? Authors? 

AZ: I could make a list of artists that inspire me such as Billie Holliday, Little Dragon, Santigold, Robert Frost, Gerhard Richter… but it is more people and emotions in general that inspire me. I love analyzing the way people behave with one another… The human mind is fascinating! Of course, I also write about my own experiences and feelings. Music is kind of my own therapy (laugh)...

WTS: What do you have planned next?

AZ: My second single, “Money”, will be out in October with a new music video. Loads of surprises in the fall for all of you but I can’t talk about it at the moment.

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